The staff at the Ransom County Gazette strives to present news and advertising fairly and accurately. We appreciate any errors being brought to our attention.

Letters to the Editor – Letters to the Editor are welcome in the Ransom County Gazette. We want to hear readers’ views. We do give first preference to people from the area or former residents. We ask that the letter does not attack a particular person, but sticks to the issue. We also require that the letter be signed with the name or names of the writer(s) and address(es). We cannot publish anonymous letters. We reserve the right to not print any letters.

Online Comments - As with Letters to the Editor, the Ransom County Gazette welcomes and encourages commentary from the public. The Ransom County Gazette reserves the right to omit online comments which do not meet a general code of newpaper ethics. Inappropiate language, slanderous statements and the like, may disqualify a comment from being made public. Any questions or concerns with this policy may be directed to the general manager.

Obituary - We have a standard format for obituaries which includes: Name, age, date, place of death, date and place of service, date of birth and location, parents names, date of marriages, date spouse died (if spouse precedes in death), schools attended, occupation, organizations, church affiliation, immediate family survivors (i.e spouse, parents, children, brothers, sisters), pallbearers, special music at service and burial place. This information will be provided free of charge. However, if the family requests other information, such as a photo (additional photos $25 each), hobbies, grandchildren’s names, specials friends, personality, interest, etc., this information can be provided in a boxed paid obituary for $75. Unless the family specifically requests a paid obituary, the obituary will be edited and published in our usual format, free of charge. The Ransom County Gazette is not responsible for information which has been incorrectly submitted. We reserve the right to edit.

School Page Submissions - If you are involved in school (teachers, students, administration and staff) we want to hear from you! Please take this opportunity to submit what’s happening in your school. Or if there is something you’d like to share such as a poem or artwork, we’d consider that, too. Publication of items is under the discretion of the Ransom County Gazette. Submit today! 

Classified Advertising - The cost to place a classified ad (such as a Thank You, Open House, Baby Shower, etc.) is $7.00 for the first 20 words and 10¢ per word after that. To submit call, email or fax us the information you would like to include. 

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